A sustainable concrete for the future building industry.

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With Cemonite, the future of concrete is circular.

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From waste to resource, reducing carbon emissions and solving multiple challenges at the same time.

Cemonite is a Norwegian technology company developing a product that addresses two major environmental challenges – reducing carbon emissions from the concrete industry and reducing the build-up of waste from the mining industry.

Where regular concrete is made from carbon-intensive cement, aggregate and water, Cemonite uses mine tailings, aggregate and activators to make sustainable concrete.

This new concrete reduces carbon emissions by greater than 80% compared to the industry norm and recycles waste from mining into a value-adding product.


We turn waste into resource, reduce carbon emissions, and contribute to accelerate the world's transition towards sustainable building materials.

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With support from ENOVA, our first pilot factory will be ready at the beginning of 2024

The new Cemonite factory will be located on the west coast of Norway and supplied with mine tailings/residue from a local mine. Here we will produce Cemonite sustainable cement on a larger scale and answer a key question: what are the most attractive market opportunities for this new type of concrete with significantly lower carbon emissions?

From our factory, we will continue to explore the myriad of market opportunities open to Cemonite and perhaps you too can propose a new application that matches your needs. With Cemonite, the future of concrete is circular. Join us in making a difference.


Behind Cemonite is a growing multidisciplinary team.

Our team includes passionate and skilled scientists and engineers from some of the best research environments with a bold goal – to change the construction industry as we know it.

We are building on state-of-the-art research from the University of Stavanger and combining these with industry needs and opportunities to become pioneers in the construction and materials technology industry.

As we take the big step from research to full-scale production of the Cemonite cement, we are looking to recruit new pioneering spirits that will power our mission and take on this challenge.

In a world full of climate and environmental challenges, join us in developing a world changing solution.

If you want to reach out to Cemonite please contact Espen, Ole, Stian or Torbjørn:

  • Espen Lea

    Chief Executive Officer

    +47 900 90 588


  • Ole Garborg Østrem

    Chief Product Officer

    +47 476 00 062


  • Stian Alessandro Ekkernes Rossi

    Chief Commercial Officer

    +47 415 75 185


  • Torbjørn Vrålstad

    Chief Technology Officer

    +47 976 80 691



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